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The Coco Verde Project aims at valorizing the waste resulting from the consumption of green coconut (coco verde) water.

This valorization helps to get rid of bulky waste, while promoting the use of performing natural products to upgrade the urban and domestic environenment, and offering job opportunities to low qualified people.

The Coco Verde Project opens a cycle of waste valorization to natural technical products, offering na opportunity of social promotion and helping to beautify our environement.

The Coco Verde company sells green coconut water as a refreshing and energetic drink to urban consumers.Fibrous nut, once emptied, are a solid waste.


In a town like Rio de Janeiro, 600 tonnes/day of wast are collected into public dumps, where their decay will take more than 10 years . The estimated cost is R$ 130,00 per tonne of waste.

Economic valorization of this waste results from the physical treatment of these fibers with an innovating and exclusive process, to transform it into semi finished products (sheet , boards, mulch ....) or finished items (flower pots , stakes....)

More than 50 items are currently offered such as pots , flower boxes, baskets, sheets, stakes, substrates, decorating articles, acoustic panels, "floral walls" ... This is a pionnering activity, for horticulture, landscaping and domestic use.

A brief description of these natural products (without added latex).

Sheets made in several dimensions e.g. 4x20x40 cm, 4x40x40 cm, 4x80x40 cm. For indoor or outdoor use. Used with orchids, bromeliad, combined usage of sheets and pots to create a " Vertical garden".

Pots ( off ground) the unique treatment of green coconut fibers allows to make flower pots with exceptional qualities holding capacity, excellent drainage, air control, temperature control, natural look ( holder for certh or plastic pots).

These characteristics are very favorable for plant development and growth.

Coir Poles (Grow Sticks) their strength and natural look make them perfectly suitable for the production of climbing ornemental plants (philodendron) and are easily usable in pots and boxes of various sizes . Made in varius sizes e.g. 4x4x40 cm, 8x8x80 cm, 10x10x150 cm.

The Coco Verde products represent a major progree in environmental protectio, while offering as economic alternative and technical enhancement (e.g. no added latex).

To existing products. The environment is inproved thsough.

-The valorization of solid waste currently dumped.
-The use or of natural fibers, biodegradable after usage.
-The replacement of non biodegradable synthetic products ( PVC , polyurethanes, polystyrenes....) or de natural fibers from recently protected species ( e.g. xaxim or Dicksonia sellowiana) .
-The beautification of landscapes or interiors using products with a very natural look.
-An innovating process, performing and natural products, a large production capability, a promising social role and an evident contribution to the improvment of our environment these are many factors reinforcing the success of the Coco Verde Project.

We are developing the distribution of our products on international markets through large distributors.

Learn more about the Coco Verde Project on or contact us at

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